David Lenhardt Fishing Pontoon

Types of Fishing Pontoons

When it comes to fishing on the lake or river the ideal platform is the pontoon However, this doesn’t mean that all pontoon will work for every situation Before purchasing a pontoon you will need to carefully consider the different types of fishing pontoon available to you. Some things to consider when making your decision […]

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David Lenhardt Bayliner Boat

Buying Bayliner Boats

The Bayliner Boat company was established in 1955 and since they have been dedicated to providing the best family boats and yachts so everyone can enjoy recreational boating to its fullest. The long term standing of this company ensures that they know how to build boats that people need and want. So why exactly would […]

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David Lenhardt Alumacraft Boats

Alumacraft Boats – Why You Should Get One

If you’ve been thinking whether to get a Alumacraft, chances are, you’re someone who goes for quality, durability and performance. Because that’s what Alumacraft boats are renowned for amongst boating lovers! Besides that, there are also loads of features in Alumacraft Boats that makes them a good choice. Here’s a listing : (1) Less Feedback […]

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David Lenhardt Loading Boat

Boating Tips: Improving Your Handling

The boating season is here and in full swing If you live near a large lake or the ocean then most people will likely start spending their free time on the lake. Although before you get your boat out and head for the lake you might want to go over boat handling techniques one more […]

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